Terms of Insurance

Terms of Insurance Cover by Oriental Insurance Company Ltd for Cargo booked through the LYNK platform

Insurance covers the following:

  1. Loss or damage to cargo due to Fire, lightning, breakage of bridges, collision with or by the carrying vehicle, overturning of the carrying vehicle, accidents of like nature to the carrying vehicle
  2. Burglary/Theft/Non delivery/Accidental damage while loading/ unloading
  3. Strike, Riot & Civil commotion


  • Cargo insurance is Optional for customers and must be selected before a booking is made on the Lynk platform (through Mobile App or Call Center)
  • The transit is restricted to 100 Km distance in and around Chennai, Hyderabad or Mumbai.
  • The Gross vehicle weight should not exceed the limit prescribed in the RC book.
  • The driver should have valid DL and it should be property endorsed for carrying hazardous chemicals/goods
  • Claim will be settled to the cargo owner only
  • Specific permission to be obtained for Over Dimensional Cargo before transporting
  • The consignment should be packed as per customary packing.
  • Claim request to be intimated to Lynk within 24 hours of trip start time along with the trip details like Lynk Trip id, Pickup up location, delivery location along with the current location of the damaged goods for the surveyor to visit.
  • If intimated after 24hrs of trip start time, insurance will not be applicable

Documents to be submitted in case of claim:

  • Original invoice containing the following details
  • Immediate loss statement by Truck driver
  • Name & address of the cargo owner
  • Description of cargo
  • Transit details (From where to where)
  • Value of goods
  • No. of parcels/quantity to be declared
  • Carrying vehicle details
  • In case of loss due to theft , FIR from police
  • (Wherever commercial invoice is not available, settlement will be on market value basis)
  • Relevant documents, photos of damaged goods, % loss, Value of damaged goods, Goods type to be sent to contact@lynk.co.in
  • Lynk will forward your claim request to the Insurance service provider (Oriental Insurance) and a surveyor will contact you shortly.

Other Important Terms

  • Fixed Insurance Premium of Rs. 12 (inclusive of taxes) for a maximum coverage of Rs. 5,00,000/-
  • As there is no recovery rights, claim will be settled at 80% of assessed loss/admissible claim amount
  • PML : 5 lacs
  • Deductible :
    • For consignments with value upto Rs.10,000/- : 0.25% of consignment value subject to a minimum of Rs.1,000/- and
    • For consignments with value above Rs.10,000/- : 0.50% of consignment value subject to a minimum of Rs.3,000/-

Terms of Insurance Cover by Oriental Insurance Company Ltd for House shifting services booked through the LYNK platform

The Insurance under this policy is subject to warranties & Clauses otherwise stated herein:

  • In the event of a claim under the policy exceeding 1 lakh INR or a claim for refund of premium exceeding 1 lakh INR, the insured will comply with the provisions of the AML policy of the Company. The AML policy is available in all our operating offices as well as Company's website.
  • Premium per transit: Rs.21/- + GST. Claim settlement will be 80% of the admissible claim assessed by the Surveyor. Deductible: Rs.2500/- per transit.
  • Coverage for Transit of household goods booked through Lynk Move Platform - Chennai (Coverage: Fire & allied perils, STFI, Burglary, Theft, Accidental damage while loading/unloading and during transit in & around Chennai within the radius of 100 Kms).
  • List of items to be specified. As the goods carried are used items, packing should be done as per the standard customary packing to withstand the jolts & jerks during transit. After delivery, the driver should get the signature of the owner of goods.
  • The policy does not cover Concealed damage, Rain water damage, denting, scratching, cracking. Items which have sentimental value/documents/cash/ jewellery. Valuable items with value more than Rs.10,000/- are not covered. Any single item with value 1Lakh above is not covered.
  • Claim documents to be submitted: Immediate loss statement by the driver with date, time and place of accident. Claim form duly filled by the customer, In case of theft FIR from Police. RC/DL of the carrying vehicle/driver.